LTO-9 Tape Specifications

The Next Evolution in Data Storage

Let's look at the LTO-9 tape specifications to understand its capabilities and advantages. LTO-9, short for Linear Tape-Open 9, is the latest addition to the LTO tape technology family. Developed by the LTO Consortium, which includes prominent technology companies like IBM, HPE, and Quantum, LTO-9 offers significant enhancements over its predecessors.

In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, the need for efficient and reliable data storage has become paramount. As organisations generate and accumulate vast amounts of data, finding the most effective and secure means of preserving and accessing it becomes essential. One such solution is the LTO-9 tape, which boasts impressive specifications that make it a game-changer in the field of data storage.

Quick Overview of LTO-9 tape specifications:

Capacity and Performance

18TB native capacity
400MB/s native transfer rate

45TB compressed
1000MB/s compressed transfer rate

Streaming Lossless Data Compression (SLDC) 2:5:1

Physical Media LTO-9 Tape Specifications

Magnetic material BaFe – Barium Ferrite
Tracks per wrap 32 heads in serpentine format
Total tracks 8,960
Uncorrected Error Rate 1 in 1x1019 bits
Recording density (kbits/inch): 545
Prevent data visibility with AES-256-bit data encryption at rest
Archive Life 30 years

Physical Characteristics

Tape Length (m) 1035
Tape thickness (μm) 5.2
Tape width (mm) 12.65
Cartridge Width (mm) 111
Cartridge Height (mm) 113
Cartridge Depth (mm) 210
Weight with case (g) 285.2

LTO-9 Tape Specifications


Capacity is one of the primary factors driving the adoption of LTO-9 tapes. With a native capacity of up to 18 terabytes (TB) and a compressed capacity of 45 TB, LTO-9 provides ample storage space for large-scale data requirements. This expanded capacity is achieved through an increased number of data tracks and improved tape media, ensuring organisations can store vast amounts of data in a single tape cartridge.


LTO-9 tapes also offer impressive data transfer rates, which are crucial for efficient data backup and restoration processes. With a native transfer rate of up to 400 megabytes per second (MB/s) and a compressed transfer rate of 1,000 MB/s, LTO-9 significantly reduces backup and recovery times compared to previous generations. This high-speed data transfer is achieved through advancements in tape drive technology and data compression algorithms.

Backwards Compatibility

Another notable feature of LTO-9 tapes is their backward compatibility. Despite being the latest iteration, LTO-9 drives can read and write LTO-8 tapes, ensuring seamless integration and data migration for organisations with existing LTO infrastructure. This compatibility allows businesses to upgrade their storage systems gradually without worrying about data accessibility or compatibility issues.

Data security is a critical concern for any organisation, and LTO-9 tape specifications address this concern with robust encryption capabilities. LTO-9 supports the Linear Tape File System (LTFS), which enables easy file management and access while providing encryption at the tape level. This encryption ensures that data stored on LTO-9 tapes remains secure and protected from unauthorised access, helping organisations comply with stringent data protection regulations.

Archival Life

Furthermore, LTO-9 tapes feature an extended archival life, making them ideal for long-term data storage. With an estimated archival life of 30 years, LTO-9 tapes offer organisations peace of mind, knowing that their valuable data will remain accessible and intact for decades. This longevity, coupled with the tape's resistance to environmental factors like dust and humidity, makes LTO-9 a reliable choice for archival purposes.


In conclusion, the LTO-9 tape specifications make it an exceptional choice for organisations seeking reliable, high-capacity, and secure data storage solutions. With its impressive capacity, fast data transfer rates, backward compatibility, encryption capabilities, extended archival life, and physical durability, LTO-9 sets a new benchmark in the realm of tape storage technology. By leveraging the power of LTO-9, businesses can effectively manage their ever-growing data volumes, streamline backup and recovery processes, and meet stringent data security requirements. In summary, LTO-9 tape provides a winning combination of capacity, speed, compatibility, security, and longevity.