Spectra T950 Tape Library

Are you looking for the ideal scalable solution to your archiving, backup, and secondary cloud repository? Spectra T950 LTO tape library is designed for the enterprise to deliver superior performance to satisfy your backup, archive, and deep storage needs. As simple to use and manage this ultra reliable, versatile library holds from 100 to 10,020 LTO slots, storing over 180PB (450PB compressed*) of data. The Spectra T950 tape library scales from 2 and up to 120 drives with LTO-9 tape technology and transferring data at 172TB/hr. (432TB/hr. compressed). You can also customise the library by selecting from IBM® TS11X0 and LTO tape technologies for optimal results. By using BlueScale software it consolidates library management, configurations, partitions, encryption keys, and library and media health monitoring into a single user-friendly interface, significantly simplifying the management process. The Spectra T950 tape library is used throughout the world in many businesses and governments to meet their current and future storage requirements.

Spectra T950 Tape Library Datasheet

T950 Tape Library Flexibility

Expanding the capacity of your Spectra T950 tape library is made effortless with Capacity on Demand (CoD). You can start with as few as 90 enterprise slots or 100 LTO slots, as your requirements grow, you can easily add more With increments of 9 enterprise tape or 10 LTO tape slots, all the way to a massive 7,614 enterprise slots or 10,020 LTO slots (LTO-9).

Spectra T950 tape library features a custom, 10-tape TeraPack with an LTO media container, or a 9-tape TeraPack for TS1160, for efficient input/output operations. The TeraPack container enables streamlined import of tape media into the library.  Provides a clean, secure, and stackable case for staging and storing media outside of the library. Utilising the patented TeraPack reduces handling time by 90%.

Expanding tape drives and increasing performance is a breeze with easy-to-configure slide-in drives. You can start with just two drives and easily scale up to 120 drives.  This ensures that your Spectra T950 tape library remains upgradable with the latest technological advances, protecting your investment.

Spectra T950 Tape Library

T950 Tape Library Expansion

Meanwhile, as the library is moved to a larger enclosure, its identity within the wider network and its configuration data are preserved.  This safe guards your initial investment in the library and the time spent on fine-tuning its configuration.

Boost your capabilities with Partitioning with Shared Library Services (SLS).  Easily implement integrated partitioning, allowing the Spectra T950 library to appear as multiple libraries to users. Unlike other complex and costly partitioning solutions that require external partitioning servers, network connections, and proprietary client software.  Simply partition your library using its built-in BlueScale interface.

Incremental Scalability and Performance Every Spectra T950 comes fully equipped with all tape slots installed. You can activate tape slots as needed with a straightforward software key activation. Based on your data storage growth requirements, you can easily add more capacity or performance. Purchase additional drives and slots, and let the library expand alongside your data. Once your data has reached the limits of your initial configuration, simply add an expansion frame to continue growing. The T950 is capable of expanding up to 120 drives and 10,020 LTO slots or 7,614 enterprise slots in eight frames, providing unmatched scalability.

T950 Tape Library Supported Applications

Spectra's tape libraries are compatible with a wide range of software packages designed for open systems tape. By integrating Spectra's T950 library with popular third-party applications, minimises risks, optimises efficiency, and address data protection concerns.  This enhances the flexibility of your information infrastructure. The Spectra T950 library supports multiple connectivity options.  Is compatible with all major backup software applications and operating systems, making it seamlessly adaptable to any environment.

Spectra T950 Library Software Application Support

Lifecycle Management

Spectra Logic's Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) enhances the reliability of your data stored on tape, ensuring its accessibility when needed. MLM streamlines tape storage, empowering you to fully optimise your storage investments and reduce IT costs.

Spectra Logic revolutionises tape media management by equipping you with a powerful tool.  This provides critical insights for safeguarding your tapes and data. Exclusively available in Spectra Logic's Tape Series libraries. MLM captures approximately 40 data points related to tape health.  Every time a tape is loaded, delivering vital statistical and diagnostic information for proactive tape media management. With the seamless integration of our Certified Media and BlueScale software.  You can easily manage, track, and report all aspects of tape usage, from creation to retirement, within a single unified application for library management.

From beginning to end, Spectra's MLM provides comprehensive tape administration tools.  These tools reduce tape-related errors, minimising unscheduled downtime caused by media issues and enhancing the reliability of your backup, archive, and deep storage operations. With Spectra's BlueScale® management, you can fully leverage the potential of Media Lifecycle Management.  BlueScale provides a summary of the health of every tape to detailed metrics such as load counts, write errors, encryption status, and more.

BlueScale reporting enables easy identification of tapes with high error rates, across multiple drives and partitions, allowing for their prompt removal before data corruption. Simplify your tape management process with Spectra's MLM and BlueScale integration.

  • Reduce media-related errors
  • Monitor a tape’s health at any point during its lifecycle
  • Leverage user-defined thresholds to protect critical data sets
  • Quickly identify overused and underused media
  • Identify when media should be retired
  • Know when tape has been used in unplanned locations
  • Simplify and improve troubleshooting
  • Track and monitor cleaning media’s history

Spectra Transcale

TranScale® is an innovative digital platform that allows organisations to access data-driven insights and supports them in making smart decisions. The system empowers users to identify opportunities, manage processes and monitor performance through advanced analytics.

TranScale offers an economical long-term investment with the ability to scale up its hardware and software ensuring capacity upgrades happen quickly, easily and affordably.

TranScale takes your existing Spectra T950 tape library to the next level of library Spectra TFinity. With this system, you keep the same serial number/asset tag you're used to having.

As an added bonus, upgrading is a quick and straightforward process—only taking around half a day to transition between models. No need to worry about realigning, reconfiguring hosts/servers, altering serial numbers, changing world-wide names or switching zones—the TranScale® architecture has got it covered.


The Spectra T950 library supports a wide range of channel interfaces and networking protocols, ensuring optimal data transfer performance. It is compatible with industry-standard operating systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS, and seamlessly integrates with major backup software applications. Additionally, with partitioning, you can run up to 16 applications simultaneously. The Spectra T950 library also offers a choice of connectivity options, including direct-connect Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) or Fibre Channel.

T950 Tape Library Management

The Spectra T950 library is designed for easy management, offering a variety of tools that simplify the management experience. It includes software and hardware features that save time and reduce operational complexity, ensuring a straightforward management process.

Drive Lifecycle Management (DLM) is integrated within the Spectra T950 library.  This provides tape drive analysis, diagnostics, and reporting through color-coded icons for easy identification of drive health status. Library Lifecycle Management (LLM) monitors critical components such as library robotics and filters, delivering utilisation metrics to help service the library before issues arise.

The T950 also offers a web-based Remote Library Controller, allowing users to login and manage the library from anywhere while defining access privileges for different users.

Integrated Partitioning is made simple with Shared Library Services (SLS) in the T950, allowing up to 16 partitions to be created within a single library. Unlike other complicated and expensive partitioning solutions, T950's BlueScale interface enables easy partitioning without the need for external servers, proprietary client software, or network connections. This ensures seamless consolidation of data in diverse environments with major backup software packages and operating systems.

Enhanced Reliability

With Lifecycle Management the Spectra T950 tape library is designed to operate reliably 24x7. It includes a comprehensive toolset for continuous monitoring and management of library, drives, and tape media. Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) provides continuous assessments on over 40 different metrics throughout the lifespan of each tape, ensuring media reliability and data integrity for your valuable data.

Effortless Library Management with Remote Library Controller

The T950 library comes with a convenient web-based controller that allows you to securely login and manage your library from anywhere. You have the flexibility to define access privileges for different users, ensuring efficient library management.

Seamless Data Consolidation with Integrated Partitioning

The Spectra T950 tape library supports all major backup software packages and operating systems, making it compatible with any environment. With the Spectra T950's Shared Library Services (SLS), data centres can implement up to 16 integrated partitions, enabling a single library to appear as multiple libraries. The partitioning process is made easy through the library's built-in BlueScale interface, eliminating the need for complicated external partitioning servers, network connections, or proprietary client software.

T950 Tape Library Data Integrity

Spectra offers a comprehensive suite of standard features that ensure data integrity verification. These features allow you to actively verify data that has already been written to tape. The suite includes:

  1. PreScan: This feature checks each imported tape and verifies that the tape is writable, scanning for potential issues such as broken or dislodged leader and write-protected status.
  2. QuickScan: This feature scans a tape unidirectionally by reading the length of one track of the tape, providing a rapid indicator of the integrity of the data that has been written.
  3. FullScan: This feature confirms that there are no media errors on the tape by reading the entire length of the tape up to the end of the recorded data.

You can also set triggers to periodically check the health of tapes over a specific interval of time or verify the data integrity of a specific tape on demand, ensuring that the data is valid. This process allows for rapid spot-checks of data integrity, giving you peace of mind about the integrity of your stored data.

Branding Your Spectra Logic T950 Tape Library

The Spectra® T950 Tape Library is meticulously designed and constructed to meet the rigorous requirements of enterprise data integrity, data security, and reliability. With reduced staff involvement, scalable capacity and throughput, and an unparalleled Total Cost of Ownership, the T950 library is a top choice for tape solutions.

In addition, Spectra offers the option for customers to customise the panels on the Spectra Logic T950 Tape Library. This allows your library to make a striking statement in the data centre, showcasing panels that reflect your organisation's brand and culture. Our in-house graphic designers are skilled in bringing your images to life on the panel's canvas, or you can create your own with assistance from our staff.

Keep in mind that the Spectra Logic T950 Tape Library provides comprehensive support for all major backup applications, industry-standard operating systems, and software packages. This robust and impressive library can be a transformative addition to your organisation, helping you safeguard your data and seamlessly integrate with various channel interfaces and networking protocols.

BlueScale® Software

Spectra BlueScale Software

BlueScale is the unified software interface for all Spectra tape libraries, offers unmatched enterprise command and control features in the tape market. Accessible through the library's on-board LCD colour touchscreen and remote web access via a web browser, BlueScale provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface built into Spectra libraries, ensuring seamless operation, flexibility, and data safety.

The BlueScale user interface, integrated within the tape library itself, offers comprehensive management of the entire library without the need for external servers or software. BlueScale efficiently handles library management, configurations, partitions, encryption keys, and library and media health monitoring. By consolidating all these functions in one interface, you can save time and resources while reducing costs associated with managing the library.

Unmatched Operator Efficiency

The BlueScale management interface delivers unparalleled operator efficiency by enabling you to easily manage all aspects of your library features, including

  • Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) for tape media,
  • Library Lifecycle Monitoring Management (LLM) for drives, robotics, and other hardware components
  • BlueScale Encryption for encryption and encryption keys
  • Data Integrity Verification (DIV) for data integrity

Unlike alternative solutions that require multiple resources to manage a single tape library, BlueScale consolidates all management functions into a single user interface, eliminating the need for external servers and reducing operational complexity. This streamlined approach also reduces costs associated with personnel, additional equipment, software license charges, and increased power and cooling requirements of extra hardware. Upgrading your library is seamless with BlueScale - simply enter an activation key to enable more capacity. BlueScale software is continually improved, and software updates are easy to install and provided at no cost to customers with an active SpectraGuard service contract.

Enhanced Support

BlueScale AutoSupport includes a "phone home" function that enables rapid and efficient diagnosis by notifying the Spectra Logic SpectraGuard Support Team of any problems, ensuring prompt and effective support.

Spectra BlueScale® Encryption

Spectra's Exclusive BlueScale® Encryption Key Management for Tape Data Spectra is the only provider that offers a fully integrated encryption key management option for data on tape, known as BlueScale Encryption Key Management. Spectra libraries equipped with BlueScale Encryption Key Management seamlessly combine library administration with encryption key management, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution. With built-in security features, managing data encryption on tape becomes hassle-free and cost-effective. BlueScale Encryption Key Management offers robust key management capabilities for encryption and decryption, ensuring data security with ease of use.

  • Uses the AES-256 bit encryption algorithm
  • Library integrated key management for encryption-capable tape drives
  • Web-based Remote Library Controller (RLC) lets you manage data encryption safely from anywhere with a secured web connection
  • Fits transparently into existing open systems environments with a vendor-agnostic, platform independent architecture. Compatibility with major backup, archive and tiered storage applications
  • Available in a free Standard Edition or a Professional Edition that supports advanced features such as multiple keys and M-of-N key support
  • Encryption keys can easily be backed up, archived and shared with other Spectra libraries
  • Quorum based authentication (Professional Edition) allows users to construct hardened, defensible key control and sharing systems

Enhanced Encryption Key Management with Spectra SKLM

For organisations with advanced needs, Spectra offers the SKLM Encryption Key Management solution, available for an additional charge. Serving as a standalone, centralised key manager, SKLM has a proven track record with enterprise-level customers who demand the highest level of encryption security. With Spectra SKLM encryption, you can implement a streamlined and comprehensive key management solution to address the complex requirements of your organisation. Spectra SKLM is a robust key manager that offers a unified strategy for encryption deployment, ensuring enhanced security and simplicity in your data protection strategy.

Spectra SKLM
  • Implements US federally approved, FIPS 140-2 compliant tape drives and key manager, using AES-256 bit encryption
  • Deploy a simple solution to a complex problem—encryption key management and security
  • Centrally manage encryption keys across multiple libraries and data centre locations
  • Enable strong authentication and strong security
  • Leverage flexible implementation options to meet your unique requirements
  • Enable secure, third-party data exchange
  • Simplify configuration and management tasks for keys and certificates of authority
  • Facilitate security audits and track key lifecycle from creation to destruction
  • Deliver a unified key management strategy to streamline your encryption implementation

Shared Library Services

Simplified Integrated Partitioning With the T950's Shared Library Services, you can easily implement integrated partitioning, allowing a single library to appear as multiple libraries to your SAN. Unlike other complex and costly partitioning solutions, the Spectra T950 Tape Library offers a user-friendly partitioning option through its built-in BlueScale interface.

Certified Media for Peace of Mind

Tape remains the most cost-effective storage media, and Spectra is committed to providing reliable and automated tape storage through its Certified Media process. From careful manufacturer selection to rigorous testing and secure customer shipment, Spectra ensures the highest quality media management process with continual enhancements and features that simplify tape storage.

Efficient Roving TeraPack Architecture

The patented TeraPack container offers a more efficient way to import tape media into the T950 library, providing a clean, secure, and stackable case for staging and storing media outside of the library. This unique roving TeraPack architecture reduces handling time by 87.5% and floor space requirements by up to 80% compared to other libraries.

Spectra Terapack

Automated Drive Cleaning for Improved Reliability

The Spectra Logic T950 tape library features Auto Drive Clean, an automated drive cleaning feature that tracks and cleans LTO and TS11XX drives without user intervention. This helps reduce failed tape read/write operations and is the recommended method for cleaning drives. The library uses partitioning to create a dedicated cleaning partition for storing cleaning cartridges, which can be shared by multiple storage partitions.

Assisted Self-Maintenance (ASM) for User-Controlled Uptime

Spectra Logic understands that some users prefer hands-on control over library maintenance. That's why our products are designed with Assisted Self-Maintenance (ASM) support options, allowing your IT staff to replace major components on-site without the need for tools. Spectra libraries are the only ones in the industry that ship with user-replaceable components, giving you peace of mind and control over your library's uptime.

  • Drive
  • Power supplies
  • Air filters
  • Connectivity controller (RIM — Robotics Interface Module)
  • Transporter
  • Robotics — ASM Gold
  • Library Control Module/Robotics Control Module — ASM Gold

This support supplement allows customers to complete repairs with the remote guidance of support personnel, and promptly restore operations with the full assurance that on-site support is available if needed.

Spectra T950 Library Rear

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The BlueScale user interface by Spectra Logic is a robust control center that allows users to monitor and manage all aspects of the Spectra T950 tape library. Built into Spectra libraries, BlueScale is a user-friendly interface that facilitates seamless and secure data management. It handles library configurations, partitions, encryption keys, and library and media health monitoring in a single, easy-to-navigate interface.

Remote GUI

The Remote Library Controller is a web-based user interface with SSL protection that enables users to access the BlueScale console from anywhere in the world. This remote interface provides full access to the powerful features of BlueScale without physically accessing the library.


Spectra Logic tape libraries offer a standards-based and open XML API for customers with special integration needs. This interface allows easy and seamless integration of the T950 into their own storage management systems.


AutoSupport feature automatically notifies Spectra Logic support personnel with information about specific events that occur within the library. BlueScale constantly monitors the library's health and sends support tickets via email if any issues are detected that could impact the performance and reliability of the library.

Dual AC

The Dual AC two-power unit allows data centres to provide AC power redundancy to their T950 using out-of-phase power. This enhancement offers installation flexibility, reduces installation costs, speeds up installation time, and provides power redundancy.

Power Distribution Unit

The Spectra Power Distribution Unit (PDU) enables easy powering of the T950 with Delta or Wye-configured three-phase power. The Spectra PDU supports an optional web-enabled power meter for monitoring and balancing the power load across library frames.

Spectra T950

Spectra T950 Tape Library Summary

Overall, the Spectra T950 Tape Library is an impressive data storage solution that offers businesses the scalability, flexibility, and security they need to effectively manage their data. Whether you're looking to expand your current storage capabilities or implement a new data management solution, the Spectra T950 Tape Library is an excellent option to consider.

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