LTO 8 tape

LTO 8 tape is great for backup or archiving

An LTO 8 tape provides 12TB’s of native capacity, 30TB compressed at a transfer rate of 360MB/s native and 900MB/s compressed.  LTO 8 tape is ideal for large systems backups or suitable for archival purposes and provides peace of mind backup and archiving using LTO tape media. Designed for organisations that need to store massive amounts of information at the lowest cost per GB, LTO-8 also continues support for LTFS that allows LTO tapes to be seen as a very large USB drive!

LTO 8 Tape

We supply LTO 8 tapes manufactured by DELL Technologies, Fujifilm, HPE, IBM, Quantum, and Spectra, available in packages ranging from 5 to 5,000 tapes. Additionally, we offer barcode labels and media packs to our customers.

LTO 8 tape has made improvements that significantly increase the stability of the rotating tape reel which enables stable, high-speed linear tape motion, necessary to realise the higher capacity and increased transfer speed of LTO 8 data cartridges.

Designed for organisations that need to store massive amounts of information at the lowest cost per GB.

Using LTFS with LTO 8

An LTO 8 tape continues support for LTFS that allows LTO tapes are seen as a very large USB drive! The drives are also backwards read/write compatible with LTO-7 so buying an LTO 8 drive will enable you to use LTO 7 tape.

All LTO media has a lifetime guarantee against defects. If for any reason your LTO-8 tape becomes defective we will send out a replacement. In addition to this if the media fault leads to data loss and it has been kept in the correct environmental conditions and used correctly FujiFilm also provide a tape data recovery service.

For organisations that require LTO in their tape libraries we can now provide these with either a new library or upgrade to your existing library, call us for details.

If purchasing 20 or more pieces of LTO-8 tapes, we can provide you with printed barcodes for use in your LTO tape library that have the correct barcode sequence.

LTO 8 Tape General Characteristics
Magnetic material BaFe – Barium Ferrite
Tracks per wrap 32
Total tracks 6656
Linear density (bits/mm): 20,668
End-to-end passes required to fill tape: 208
Expected tape durability: 20,000 passes end-to-end

Physical Characteristics
Tape Length (m) 960
Tape thickness (μm) 5.6
Tape width (mm) 12.65
Cartridge Width (mm) 105.4
Cartridge Height (mm) 102.5
Cartridge Depth (mm) 21.5
Weight with case (g) 275

LTO 8 tape capacity - 12TB / 30TB

*The actual capacity, compression ratio and data transfer rate may vary depending on equipment, software usage, environments and data. 1TB = 1 Trillion bytes *compressed

LTO tape clearly has many advantages over other forms of storage and a bright future storing and protecting data for many years to come, here is the LTO tape roadmap.