LTO 9 tape

LTO 9 Ultrium tape is suitable for backing up, archiving, and exchanging large amounts of data in large systems. It is particularly useful for businesses looking to store vast amounts of information at a low cost per GB. LTFS support with LTO 9 tape enables them to function as an expansive USB drive.

LTO 9 stores 18TB’s of native capacity, 45TB compressed at a transfer rate of 400MB/s native and 1000MB/s compressed.

LTO 9 Tape

LTO 9 tape ideal for reliable backup and archiving

We supply LTO 9 tapes manufactured by DELL Technologies, Fujifilm, HPE, IBM, Quantum, and Spectra, available in packages ranging from 5 to 5,000 tapes. Additionally, we offer barcode labels and media packs to our customers.

Every version of LTO has introduced enhancements that substantially enhance the stability of the rotating tape reel, facilitating steady and high-speed linear tape motion. These improvements are critical to achieving the elevated capacity and enhanced transfer speed of LTO-9 data cartridges.

Using LTFS with LTO 9

An LTO 9 tape continues support for LTFS that allows LTO tapes are seen as a very large USB drive!  With backwards read/write compatibility with LTO-7/8 so buying an LTO 9 drive will enable you to use LTO-7 tapes.

Purchase LTO 9 Tapes

LTO media is backed by a lifetime warranty against defects, ensuring that any faulty LTO 9 tapes will be replaced. Additionally, Fujifilm offers a tape data recovery service in the event of data loss resulting from a media fault, provided that the tape has been stored under appropriate environmental conditions and used correctly.

If purchasing 20 or more pieces of LTO-9 tapes, we can provide you with printed barcodes for use in your LTO tape library that have the correct barcode sequence.

LTO 9 Tape General Characteristics

Magnetic material BaFe – Barium Ferrite
Tracks per wrap 32 heads in serpentine format
Total tracks 8,960
Uncorrected Error Rate 1 in 1x1019 bits
Recording density (kbits/inch): 545
Prevent data visibility with AES-256-bit data encryption at rest
Archive Life 30 years

Physical Characteristics
Tape Length (m) 1035
Tape thickness (μm) 5.2
Tape width (mm) 12.65
Cartridge Width (mm) 111
Cartridge Height (mm) 113
Cartridge Depth (mm) 210
Weight with case (g) 285.2

LTO 9 tape capacity - 18TB / 45TB

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*The actual capacity, compression ratio and data transfer rate may vary depending on equipment, software usage, environments and data. 1TB = 1 Trillion bytes *compressed.

Interested in a new tape library

If you are looking to replace your existing tape library with a new model, the Spectra Stack Tape Library can scale to support 560 cartridges.

LTO tape clearly has many advantages over other forms of storage and a bright future storing and protecting data for many years to come, here is the LTO tape roadmap.