What are the benefits of LTO tape?

The benefits of using LTO tape?

Tape is a great option for data storage because it offers many advantages. One of these is its low cost relative to other options. It is also durable, since it's made from plastic, and requires no electricity to store the information on it. Furthermore, tape doesn't take up much space, so you can store a huge amount of data in a relatively small area.

Storage capacity and scalability are both important considerations to make for data storage. When it comes to storage, the amount of data that can be held is vital, as is the ability to scale and expand in line with increasing demands.

The benefits of using LTO tape is perfect for businesses are continuing to store greater amounts of data due to the rise in digitalisation, particularly within fields like healthcare, banking and financial services. This data comes from a variety of sources; not only organised databases but also vast swathes of less structured files, images, audio and video recordings.

Businesses across a range of industries and sizes are deriving value from big data – it typically stays in their systems. Its use can support the creation of new products and services, optimise operations, and provide insight into rapidly shifting circumstances.

With its low-cost storage solution, tape is an ideal choice for those wanting to store large amounts of data which isn't immediately accessible. It's a breeze to scale the tape data centre up as well - simply buy more tape drives and add them to your setup!

Tape is a technology that has the ability to adjust and conform to changing requirements. It can be used to store data in an efficient and cost-effective manner which makes it ideal for managing large amounts of information.

Tape Data Storage

Tape is an excellent choice for data storage; it offers several advantages. First and foremost, tapes are highly reliable; they are less likely to fail than other forms of data storage. Additionally, tapes provide security and are tamper-proof. Furthermore, they offer cost-efficiency and are great for archiving, long-term storage purposes and keeping confidential information safe and secure.

The quantity of data retained on tape keeps ascending as witnessed by the recent surge in both units shipped and storage potential.

Many thought that the end was near for this industry, but as it turns out, their fears were unfounded. There is no denying that things have changed; however, the sector is still going strong and appears to be on solid ground.

This year's business climate has been far from ideal, but we’re happy to report that the capacity shipments of LTO tapes have achieved an impressive record high not seen since 2006. It seems businesses are turning to tape technology as a viable storage option, appreciating its capacity and reliability. Moreover, data archiving is more secure and safeguarded against cyber threats now more than ever before.

Benefits of LTO tape

Tape is constantly evolving

The LTO technology remains the leader in the market, with a clear roadmap and the backing of HP, IBM and Quantum. This format stands out for its powerful scalability and versatility, making it ideal for high capacity storage and optimal performance.

The latest LTO Ultrium generation 9 specifications address the need to securely store and preserve immense data amounts, as it boosts tape cartridge capacity up to 18TB (45TB Compressed). It further ensures data integrity by incorporating hardware–based encryption, and supplying WORM (Write–Once, Read–Many) functionality that makes tampering of previously written information impossible.

The technology roadmap is clear, which means that LTO Ultrium with its published Gen 12 plan, providing up to 480TB of compressed storage capacity, can be trusted for the future.

The performance of our employees has been outstanding in the last few months. Their work has been exemplary and their dedication to their duties is admirable.

LTO tape is ideal for quick retrieval of files due to its impressive speed and capacity. It's great for dealing with nearline data, making it accessible in a timely manner.

Due to its large capacity, a local data transfer from an LTO tape is usually quicker than transferring it from the cloud.

Ransomware Protection

It is crucial to defend against ransomware, a type of malicious software that steals confidential data and demands payment for its return. Proper protection entails protecting data, networks, and systems from malware threats by staying up to date on the latest vulnerabilities. Taking steps such as using reliable anti-malware solutions, keeping software updated with the newest security patches, and regularly backing up important files are essential to thwarting ransomware attacks.

The power of the air-gap as a ransomware defence is well known, and its value has been demonstrated over time. Secure offline backups offer an invaluable safeguard when systems are compromised and online backups become vulnerable. Incorporating tape backups stowed offsite into a multi-layer backup structure, alongside encryption and WORM technology, can yield the utmost protection against ransomware threats and ensure business data is retrieved should an incident occur.

Long Term Storage

Tape is a long-lasting storage solution with an archival life spanning over 30 years. It offers impressive resistance to corruption, with LTO variants capable of withstanding up to 1 million passes and 20,000 write cycles. Their mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) rating stands at 250,000 hours at a perpetual duty cycle. Enhanced data security is provided by an advanced error correction algorithm.

Data Interchange

Portability is a great advantage. It allows us to take our work anywhere and carry out our tasks wherever we are. We can take part in meetings, do research, and work on documents without having to be tied down to one location. Portable devices offer us the freedom and flexibility of being able to complete our work from any location.

Tape is perfect for transporting large volumes of data securely from one place to another, making it a great choice for off-site and air-gapped backups. It eliminates the security risks associated with transferring data via the cloud as well as saving time and freeing up bandwidth.

Sustainable and Predictive Costs

Cost is an important factor when it comes to any purchase, whether big or small. Sustainability is also key; you want something that is built to last and has a minimal impact.

Data centres all over the globe produce hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 annually and businesses are feeling mounting pressure to regulate and diminish this environmental impact. The consistent energy usage that goes with disk storage has consequences in both cost and sustainability, particularly when considering the long-term.

Tape storage yields a significantly lower carbon footprint than disk or flash storage, with potential CO2 reductions of up to 95%, making it a compellingly sustainable choice.

When assessing the budget of your data storage, tape backups are considered very cost-effective when compared to disk or cloud backups concerning cost per gigabyte. What's more, tape drives let you create a detached data store that is cheaper to maintain and sustain.


To conclude, it is obvious that this issue should be addressed. It is essential for us to consider the pressing matter and take decisive steps to resolve it. We can no longer ignore this problem and must tackle it soon, before it spirals out of control.

Businesses utilise cloud, tape, and local disk storage as part of their broader backup plan. Tape is the most economical for large data sets that are not frequently needed and archival purposes. Offsite backups with encryption and WORM technology give the ultimate secure backup protection against ransomware and cyber threats.