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We provide everything to support LTO tape backup, archiving and data interchange.  For over 20 years we have been supplying media, barcode labels, racks, cases, libraries, autoloaders and drives.

LTO tape was initially invented by HP, IBM & Seagate in order to compete with Quantum DLT tape.  In the end Seagate sold it's LTO share holding to Quantum and in turn they stopped building DLT.

We have supplied all versions of LTO to post production and media companies, blue light services, military, local governments, NHS, Education and international businesses across the globe.
LTO tape storage
IT Consultancy Service

Along with LTO tape, we also provide an IT Consultancy Service and aim to deliver the right level of IT consultancy by choosing the most relevant IT consultant that fits your needs and requirements. Our specialist expertise enables us to deliver the results within a time-frame to help with project delivery, further expertise or guidance […]

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NVMe Flash Storage

Did you know at Fortuna Data we don’t just supply LTO tape solutions, we also provide NVMe flash storage arrays from the world’s leading manufacturers. NVMe flash is 53x faster than hard disks and 5-10x faster than SSD!  Over the next 5 years NVMe will become the DeFacto storage for business.  Quite simply it works […]

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LTO Tape Past Present & Future

This infographic shows the complete history of LTO tape from LTO-1 through to LTO-12. We hope you like it.

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