Supplying LTO 4 Tape

Sony LTO 4  tape

Supplying the perfect solution for backup, long term archiving or data interchange make LTO 4 a top choice in the data centre.

Supplying LTO 4 Tape for Data Security

Supplying LTO 4 from Fujifilm, DELL, HPE, IBM, Quantum, and Spectra in packs of 5 to 5,000 tapes.

With further developments and new materials, coating technology and a surface-smoothing technology, LTO 4 offers a breakthrough in performance with a massive 800GB native and *1.6TB compressed maximum recording capacity.

To accommodate the tape’s thinness and long length, the reel accuracy has been improved. Optimised hub roundness contributes to stable operation and a new flange shape protects the edges. As in LTO 1, LTO 2 and LTO 3, the LTO 4 tape incorporates a robust non-contact 8KB IC memory with twice the capacity of previous generations.

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High-density recording with low error rate

To correspond with a further high-density recording by shortening the recording wavelength, LTO 4 adopts newly developed fine magnetic particles. Further optimising the dispersing technology for LTO 4, Sony realised high dispersion and high packing density of newly developed fine magnetic particles that are approx. 70% the volume of LTO 3. By introducing newly-developed surface-smoothing technology. Sony improved the surface while also realising noise reduction and boosting output in the high frequency range.

High stability of base film against elongation and shrinkage

LTO 4 realised high recording capacity by utilising thinner media (LTO 3: 8.0µm vs LTO 4: 6.6µm) to allow a longer length (LTO 3: 680m – LTO 4: 820M). Due to the increased number of data tracks (LTO 3: 704 – LTO 4: 896) and narrowed track width, higher stability of the base film against elongation and shrinkage is required. By optimising the strength balance of the base film and adopting newly-developed high accuracy cutting technology.

Reduced tracking errors

Since LTO 4 has very thin magnetic layer, a decrease of servo signal output recorded on the media was a concern. Despite thin magnetic layer (approx. 0.1 µm) Sony realised high stable servo signal output by employing bias recording theory to optimise servo recording signal control. With the increase of the number of data tracks, more accurate tracking technology is required. Sony realised a stable operation on the thin (6.6µm) and smooth tape with a servo writer corresponding to high-density tracking that Sony developed LTO 4 format to achieve high-quality magnetic servo signal writing. The result is significantly improved data writing and reading accuracy.

All media has a lifetime guarantee against defects. If for any reason your media becomes defective the manufacturer will send out a replacement. In addition to this if the media fault leads to data loss and it has been kept in the correct environmental conditions and used correctly can also provide a data recovery service.

Supplying LTO 4 media in quantities of 20 or more, we can provide printed barcodes for use in your LTO library that have the correct barcode sequence. In addition to supplying media we can also offer media packs, cleaning or WORM media!

Sony LTO Tape Data Cartridges

LTO 4 Specifications

General Characteristics
Recording density (340 Kftpi)
Magnetic material Metal Particle
Cartridge Width (mm) 105.4
Cartridge Height (mm) 102.5
Cartridge Depth (mm) 21.5
Weight with case (g) 275

Physical Characteristics
Media Length (m) 820
Media thickness (μm) 6.6
Media width (mm) 12.65

Tape capacity - 800GB / 1600GB

*Compression ratio 2:1.

In addition to supplying LTO 4 media we also provide LTO libraries, autoloaders and drives.

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