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Why do we need an LTO tape autoloader?

As businesses generate increasing amounts of data and store it both locally and in the cloud, there is a growing concern for protecting it from malware attack, ransomware, and other malicious attacks. To address these concerns, a LTO tape autoloader is essential, especially for smaller data centres. Tape storage is an ideal backup and archive medium that can meet all the retention, protection, and compliance requirements, and it is also economical, portable, and provides air-gapped protection against ransomware.

By utilising tape storage and a 1U or 2U rack-mounted automated tape system, businesses can easily manage backups and long-term data protection. A tape autoloader is simple to install and operate, requiring minimal tape library training for IT staff. This allows for strong offline data protection that meets all compliance requirements and can be left unattended or easily managed by the IT staff.

We supply a broad range of LTO tape autoloaders from DELL Technologies, Fujitsu, HPE, IBM, Lenovo and Quantum.  If you require a quote for an LTO tape autoloader send us the following information:

  • Number of tape drives 1 or 2
  • LTO drive format LTO-7, LTO-8 or LTO-9
  • Host interface connection - SAS, Fibre Channel, iSCSI

Many LTO tape autoloaders scale from 8 to 24 slots, support multiple LTO tape drive types. In addition some have options that allow to add extra slots by a simple license upgrade.

LTO Tape Autoloader

LTO Tape Autoloader Definition

The definition of a tape autoloader is that it has one or two tape drives and multiple tape media slots with robotics controlled by backup software to move tapes around. They were designed to automate the mundane task of manually inserting tapes into standalone tape drives. As disk capacities increased and network speeds improved organisations could then backup to a central LTO tape autoloader using backup software.

If for any reason you to discuss your LTO tape autoloader requirement, are interested in trading up an existing autoloader or require support renewal, we are happy to discuss your requirements in more detail over the phone or have a meeting and provide a quotation.

In addition to the LTO tape autoloaders we can also supply LTO tape media in small quantities or in bulk.

For free advice or a quotation on an LTO tape autoloaders please call us on 01256 331614.

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