BlackPearl NAS

BlackPearl NAS is a state-of-the-art NAS storage solution designed for modern data-intensive environments. Featuring a scale-up architecture, BlackPearl offers expandable storage capacity.  In addition it can be deployed as a standalone system or combined with additional software extensions as part of the BlackPearl platform. Additionally with its advanced features and robust design ensures a secure, scalable storage for a wide range of use cases.  For instance, archiving, backup, online shared storage, capacity offload, and more.

BlackPearl NAS

BlackPearl NAS Overview

The Spectra BlackPearl is a software-enabled storage platform, based on a flexible, scalable architecture that can manage disk, tape and also cloud storage across multiple sites.

With the introduction of the BlackPearl, the cutting-edge platform that revolutionises network-attached storage (NAS) for modern data-intensive environments. Furthermore with a NAS, you can seamlessly manage and store massive amounts of data with unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and performance. Say goodbye to storage limitations and hello to a new era of data management.

Benefits of BlackPearl NAS

Enterprise-grade data protection

  • Ransomware-resilient features designed into product for extra protection
  • Self-encrypting disks and multi-factor authentication provides additional security

Flexible for many workloads

  • Designed for unstructured data
  • Extensible to S3 storage with optional tape-out

Easily expandable bulk storage

  • Scale-up architecture allows low-cost expansion and growth
  • Over 20PB in a single rack, expandable to hundreds of PB
Spectra BlackPearl

BlackPearl NAS: Your Ransomware-Resilient Storage Solution

Data threats are constant, whether they come from external sources like ransomware attacks, internal risks from disgruntled employees, or accidental human errors. To maintain business continuity, data must be equally protected against all these challenges. Additionally having the ability to restore data to a pre-attack state within the shortest amount of time ensures the minimum amount of disruption to the business.

This is where BlackPearl excels, the innovative storage solution offers a ransomware-resilient approach to data protection, empowering organisations. Moreover avoid the harrowing experience of negotiating with criminal elements of the underworld. With BlackPearl, you can proactively safeguard your data and infrastructure, ensuring that your business can continue to operate smoothly and securely. Say goodbye to data threats and confidently protect your valuable information with BlackPearl.

BlackPearl NAS Features and Integrations

The BlackPearl is multi-functional storage solution that can be an enterprise NAS and correspondingly all of the following:

  • BlackPearl S3 Integrated Cloud Solution - 100% compatible with Amazon S3 Glacier.
  • BlackPearl Nearline Storage Gateway - Solves the problem of costly and complex approaches to digital preservation.
  • BlackPearl Archive System - Archive inactive or active data to different storage tiers including NAS, Cloud, Tape.
Spectra BlackPearl NAS

Effortless Data Management

Data management is a breeze featuring an intuitive user interface and robust feature set, manage, organise, and access your data with just a few clicks. Whether you need to store, retrieve, or share files delivering a simple and streamlined experience that saves you time and effort.

Scalability at its Best

BlackPearl is designed to scale as your data grows, supporting hundreds of petabytes of data. Simply expand your storage capacity without sacrificing performance or efficiency. Moreover say goodbye to data silos and storage sprawl, and embrace a scalable solution that grows with your business.

Unmatched Performance

Delivering unmatched performance for data-intensive workloads. Coupled with high-performance hardware and optimised software, BlackPearl ensures that your data is always available. With lightning-fast data transfer speeds and low-latency access, you can achieve maximum productivity and accelerate your workflows.

Robust Data Protection

Data protection is a top priority for Spectra Logic, and BlackPearl NAS is no exception. With advanced data protection features such as RAID and encryption, your data is safeguarded against hardware failures, data corruption, and unauthorised access. Additionally, BlackPearl integrates seamlessly with Spectra Logic's suite of data management solutions, providing a comprehensive and robust data protection strategy for your organisation.

Flexible Deployment Options

Whether you prefer on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployments, BlackPearl can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. With support for industry-standard protocols such as NFS and SMB, BlackPearl NAS seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, making it a versatile solution for any environment.


In summary a Spectra BlackPearl NAS provides more than just a storage solution and in fact can be part of an integrated storage system that can handle many different workloads and applications. With a BlackPearl delivers the ideal solution for modern data-intensive environments.

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