Backup Azure Active Directory

Keepit offers premier protection for your Azure AD security approach, enabling the recovery of vital identity and application objects that Microsoft doesn't safeguard.

  • Boost Disaster Recovery: Lengthen your retention duration and guard objects beyond Microsoft's standard retention scope.
  • Enhance Security: Defend not only data but also policies. Achieve complete tracking of modifications to access and device management policies.
  • Elevate IT Productivity: Efficiently reverse specific changes and expedite problem-solving.
  • Guard Against Routine Data Loss: Swiftly restore unintentionally deleted or altered data.

Back up Azure Active Directory Data

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based identity and access management service, but an extensive backup of your Azure Active Directory data is not one of them. Keepit® Backup for Azure Active Directory provides the most comprehensive back up of your Microsoft 365 Azure Active Directory metadata. Metadata consists of relationships, licenses, authentication methods, and attributes of the following objects:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Admin Units
  • Activity Logs - Audit & Sign-in
  • Conditional Access Policies
  • Intune
  • Enterprise Apps
  • App Registrations
  • BitLocker Recovery Keys
Azure Active Directory Backup

Azure Active Directory enables organisations to manage access to data and user details securely through robust authentication mechanisms, but the native data protection tools fall short in offering a simple and quick backup and recovery solution.

Regarded as the central hub for businesses, Azure AD's protection against data breaches is crucial. Without appropriate backup, there's a potential security vulnerability that can lead to extensive downtime, loss of data, and unavailability of critical resources.

While Microsoft has heavily invested in recovery options like versioning, recycle bin, and preservation features, the native protection tools falls short.

Complete Data Protection for Azure Active Directory

Firstly, IT leaders must understand that the M365 Recycle Bin was not designed as a comprehensive enterprise recovery tool. Your perception of disaster "recovery" might differ significantly from Microsoft's viewpoint.

For robust resilience against Azure AD interruptions, breaches, and misconfigurations, organizations need the ability to swiftly and conveniently search and retrieve Active Directory data. This is essential both during the recovery process and to expedite recovery itself.

Hence, effective risk management necessitates a third-party backup solution that:

  • Offers protection for users and groups through snapshot-based restoration and time-based comparative studies.
  • Maintains roles and permissions, incorporating change monitoring and direct comparisons.
  • Supports compliance and eDiscovery, for example by archiving audit and sign-in logs, facilitating log analysis, assuring prolonged retention, and enabling restoration to a different site.
  • Adapts to expanding policies and devices by conserving device data and conditional access rules.

It's vital to note that these needs far surpass the scope of Microsoft’s backup functionalities, as they are designed with a more expansive and profound purpose in mind.

Why Backup Azure Active Directory?

Azure AD Backup maintains a directory of every user and group in the company, facilitating employee login and access to corporate data. All these details should be securely backed up in an external storage site to ensure recovery in situations of cyber threats or inadvertent mistakes.

A significant drawback of using available Azure Backup is its lack of cohesion. Contrary to what the name might suggest, implying it's purely a cloud-based backup solution, it is, in fact, an amalgamation of multiple distinct backup components. Recovery using these tools is time consuming and difficult to achieve.

Why us Keepit to Backup Azure Active Directory?

Offers the best unparalleled Azure AD backup coverage in the industry:

  • Ensures minimal disruptions by facilitating immediate search and thorough recovery of Users, Groups, Roles, Administrative Units, Audit Logs, and Sign-In Logs.
  • Streamlines compliance with data by allowing retrospective views of Azure AD, enabling quick identification and rectification of changes.
  • Prioritises security with Blockchain-based encryption, ensuring backups are resistant to alterations (e.g., from ransomware) and data loss.
  • Presents a cost-effective solution, eliminating hefty expenses linked to long-term on-premises or cloud storage.

As highlighted earlier, many organizations discover the expensive implications of an Active Directory disruption only after experiencing it first hand.

Keepit Cloud Backup Solutions

As a fully certified Keepit solutions partner we can provide the full array of cloud back up solutions outside of Azure Active Directory.

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