LTO Tape Advantages

An affordable storage solutions for all businesses.

Some of the LTO tape advantages are providing a long term, backup, archiving and data interchange medium that has a sustainable roadmap.

Data protection relies heavily on LTO Technology, which continues to be unmatched in terms of cost, capacity, dependability, portability, and security. By offering an offline or backup alternative, an LTO tape solution can further enhance a disk-based storage system. This ensures that data can stay safe in the case of a virus or a data security breach.

Whether archiving vital data, handling hours of video files, or just moving massive data files, LTO tape is an ideal choice for some of the most demanding applications.

LTO enables enterprises to store multiple versions of a data set at near-constant high speed, even as the overall amount of stored data increases. LTO also allows you to move your files smoothly and efficiently between any type of computer without spending time copying. LTO is future-proof since the partners behind the standard have committed to making it backward compatible: a new LTO drive can always read cartridges from at least one previous generation.

LTO tape storage

LTO Tape Key Advantages:

  • High capacity, with each LTO cartridge holding up to 45TB of data
  • Faster access times, and improved media monitoring are provided by cartridge memory chips.
  • A sturdy cartridge minimises media failures and prevents backup interruptions.
  • Extreme laboratory testing for more readily available data
  • Hardware-based data security for cartridge contents
  • Various media options and services, such as barcode labelling
  • Designed for 260 complete backups or a 30-year archiving life
  • Enables companies to adhere to rules regarding data archiving and retention
  • Lifetime limitation on warranties

The following list includes current LTO tape products:

  • LTO-4, LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7, and LTO-8, LTO-9 Data Cartridges
  • LTO Universal Cleaning Tape
  • LTO WORM Tape for Archive

We provide all types of LTO products and tapes, libraries, autoloaders and drives including barcode labels and racking.
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LTO Tape Use Cases

Some of the most demanding storage applications in addition use LTO technology. LTO technology can assist in addressing needs with a low-cost, dependable, and secure solution, whether you're editing the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, safeguarding priceless amounts of data, or simply keeping data for the long term.

We provide all versions of LTO tape for post-production and media companies, businesses, blue light services, military, local governments, NHS, Education.

Close-by Storage

Sometimes it is necessary for files to be in nearline storage, a condition halfway between online storage (which allows for extremely quick access to data) and offline storage (which allows for much slower access to data). LTO tape is ideal for managing nearline data and bringing it online extremely quickly when necessary thanks to its high data transfer rates, cheap cost, and great capacity.

Grab and Offload

Terabytes or petabytes of data might take days to transport to the cloud or a distant data centre, even with the fastest connections, straining your network's capabilities. In some circumstances, shipping an LTO tape can not only provide the data more quickly but also serve as a backup for the original.

Transfer with High Capacity

Rarely is storage a medium a one-size-fits-all. LTO tape is the ideal offload and retention solution for applications like media production or oil/exploration data aggregation when more expensive media, such as solid-state disk, is required to collect initial material or data.

Active Long-Term Archiving

There are occasions when you don't need data right away, but you might need to retrieve it later. At a price that is far less than that of other storage options, LTO Ultrium tape storage can offer years of protection.


In the era of the zettabyte, secure data backups are crucial. LTO technology offers a cost-effective way to swiftly restore your data, whether it's a secondary copy of important data that has already been stored on another medium or adding another degree of offline assurance to a disk-to-disk system.

The Primary LTO Tape Advantages

LTO Tape Advantages

LTO technology remains unrivalled in terms of cost for capacity, reliability, and security to ensure your data is secure. A disk-based storage system can be enhanced by an LTO tape solution by adding an offline or backup option. This implies that even in the event of a virus or a data security incident, your data will be safeguarded. We know how important it is to protect your data, so LTO tape provides the ability to save and archive digital information as well as recover files after a disaster. LTO tape can offer years of protection at a significantly lower cost than other storage options thanks to its high capacity and reliability. A Tape is an ideal option for protecting your company’s most valuable data, with a proven record of reliability and durability. LTO Tape offers superior protection and performance while being cost-effective to use over time. LTO’s error correction technology is so effective that it can be used safely in temperature extremes and even underwater, meaning that you can securely store your unwieldy data anywhere in the world and still have peace of mind knowing that it will be protected for years to come. LTO Tape is known for its superior quality, affordable price, and wide applications.