Spectra Digital Archive

As we generate ever more larger volumes of data, the new Spectra Logic Digital Archive is designed to allow businesses to finally separate backup from archiving. Data archiving is often the forgotten part of an IT strategy primarily because of the complexities in understanding the overall business requirements each department needs for storing digital data long term.

Spectra Digital Archive

In a nutshell the Spectra Digital Archive enables a business to store inactive data on Flash/Disk, Tape or Cloud in a cost-effective and simple way. Whilst the archive data now resides in an archive state the data can be recalled quickly and efficiently and the various departments are unaware the data is now held in a digital archive. The archived data is stored in a more appropriate place designed specifically for compliance, regulations or future insights and analysis.

Choose which medium to store archive data based on how often and how fast users need access to the data.

Spectra Digital Archive - Powered by StorCycle Software

StorCycle is designed to archive and manage data at scale without sacrificing data availability. StorCycle is intuitive and simple to use while supporting multiple use cases, including long-term archive, digital preservation, project archive and the migration of data to the most cost-efficient storage tier.

75% of global businesses have no formal data retention strategy

The benefits of using StorCycle

  • Preserving digital assets for decades
  • Protecting archive data against ransomware attacks
  • Mitigating the risk of intellectual property theft
  • Securely storing inactive information for long-term retention
  • Optimising data backup
  • Reducing data storage costs

StorCycle Features

Flexible Archive Options

  • Active archive
  • Project archive
  • Long-term archive

Multiple Storage Targets

  • Mixed storage targets
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Data redundancy options
  • Low impact/high performance data transfers

Ease of Use

  • Simple setup and use
  • File search and reporting
  • Policy drive automation
  • Programmatic and GUI drive interfaces

Data Resiliency

  • Retains original file formats to avoid lock-in
  • Advanced ransomware protection
  • Supports environmentally sustainable initiatives

79% of global businesses struggle to migrate data to a more affordable storage tier

Why the Spectra Logic Digital Archive should be part of any IT storage discussion

Global data growth is exceeding market predictions. The average enterprise business has experienced over 40% data growth in the past 2 years whilst 68% say controlling storage costs is of concern.

Spectra Digital Archive is designed to store large amounts of unstructured data that cannot be deleted and maybe required in the future. Create multiple archive copies of your data on different storage technologies and locations. Make resilient copies of important data that ransomware can't attack!

Reduction of long-term storage costs by moving data to more affordable tiers. Preserve and protect historical, video, scientific, documents or genomics by digitally preserving them for the long-term.

Spectra StorCycle

Download the White Paper on Key Requirements for a Modern Digital Archive


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