Spectra T380 Tape Library

This library has now been discontinued. Please choose instead the Spectra Stack or Spectra T950.

Spectra T380 LTO tape library is designed for superior performance to satisfy your backup, archive, and deep storage needs. As simple to use and manage as it is reliable under the toughest conditions, this versatile library provides up to 380 LTO slots, storing over 6.8PB (17PB compressed*) of data - scaling up to 12 drives with LTO-9 tape technology and transferring data at 17.3TB/hr. (43TB/hr. compressed). You can also customise the library by selecting from IBM® TS11X0 and LTO tape technologies for optimal results.

Spectra Logic T380 Scalability

With a minimum of 50 LTO and 45 Enterprise slots respectively, the Spectra T380 Tape library is capable to expand up to 380 LTO and 342 Enterprise slots. Thanks to Spectra's capacity on demand features and superior scalability, this product meets the requirements for today's changing storage landscape.

Spectra T380 Tape Library

Our company is devoted to providing growth and performance that meets the needs of changing times. We are able to stay flexible and accommodate the ever-evolving requirements of our clients. By customising our services to their unique circumstances, we can ensure they are provided with top-notch results - no matter how quickly the landscape shifts.

Expanding your Spectra Logic T380 library is easy with Capacity on Demand (CoD). Get started with 50 slots and then expand as your business grows. Spectra simplifies the process by delivering the system fully populated, so you can just use a software key to add more slots quickly and easily. You can increase capacity up to 380 tape slots.

Spectra T380

The Spectra T380 utilises a customised 10-tape TeraPack® media container (with 9 enterprise slots) for input/output operations. This innovative case offers efficient import capabilities and serves as a secure vehicle to transport up to 18TB of LTO-9 data (or 180TB of TS1160) to drives. Additionally, it ensures effective staging and storage of tape media outside the library, while reducing handling time by 90%.

Installing slide-in drives is effortless and upgrading your Spectra tape library with additional capacity and performance is simple. This flexibility safeguards your investment and allows you to stay up-to-date with the cutting edge of technology.

Investing your hard-earned money is a big decision and one that you should make with confidence. That's why we provide protection for your investments. We give you the assurance that your money will be safeguarded, enabling you to make investments without worrying about the potential risks.

The Spectra T380 tape library was designed to protect your investment in storage over time, meeting both present and future demands. If you need more slots than the current capacity can provide, you don't have to buy a new system - simply upgrade with a Spectra frame.

Spectra Transcale

Spectra TranScale® is an innovative digital platform that allows organisations to access data-driven insights and supports them in making smart decisions. The system empowers users to identify opportunities, manage processes and monitor performance through advanced analytics.

Spectra makes use of TranScale in our Enterprise libraries by alternating the costly components between the T200, T380 and T680. As you advance in size, you can still use your original drives, power supplies, TeraPacks and media in the larger library - the main component that differs while upturning to a bigger tape library is the frame.

Spectra TranScale offers an economical long-term investment in storage with the ability to scale up its hardware and software to ensure your capacity upgrades happen quickly, easily and affordably. Spectra TranScale takes your existing tape library to the next level. With this system, you keep the same serial number/asset tag you're used to having. As an added bonus, upgrading is a quick and straightforward process—only taking around half a day to transition between models. No need to worry about realigning, reconfiguring hosts/servers, altering serial numbers, changing world-wide names or switching zones—the Spectra TranScale® architecture has got it covered.

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