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Keepit protects your data by storing it on immutable storage!

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Safeguard your Salesforce data with daily automated backups, limitless storage, and immediate restoration. Industry experts estimate that the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for Salesforce data backup spans between six to eight weeks, costing approximately $10,000 for each restoration, per organisation. Can your enterprise afford both this financial burden and the absence of crucial data for such an extended period?

Back up Salesforce Data

Salesforce is a suite of cloud services, but an extensive backup of your Salesforce data is not one of them. Keepit® Backup for Salesforce ensures that you never lose access to or control over your Salesforce data. This includes Objects, Campaigns, Contacts, Files, Custom Objects, keeping your data both secure and readily available.

Keepit Backup for Salesforce

Complete Data Protection for Salesforce

Keepit Backup for Salesforce protects and stores your data in the UK or European data centres that are ISO/IEC 27001 certification plus complementary certifications (e.g., SOC-2, ISAE 3402, PCI/DSS, HIPAA).

Keepit creates two backup copies of your data and stores it in two separate data centre locations. As Keepit is sold as SaaS (Software as a Service) business owners do not need to worry about remote storage locations or cloud management, Keepit takes care of it for you.

We offer a fully automated backup and recovery solution with unlimited storage to completely protect your Salesforce environment. Protecting data from internal errors, ransomware or other malicious attacks by storing data on immutable storage.

“Perfect SaaS (Software as a Service) for Backup and Recovery of my Cloud Solutions — M365, Salesforce, D365, Google Workspace, Azure AD, etc. with easy deployment and administration (even my 12-year-old daughter could handle it). Best of all: It is a ‘real independent backup solution‘.”

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Why Backup Salesforce?

Salesforce dominates as the premier choice in customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, with a 23.9% market share, as per IDC.

Globally, over 150,000 enterprises rely on Salesforce to oversee their data realms – encompassing tasks from acquiring and transforming leads into opportunities, to managing data for better customer understanding and engagement, gleaning insights, and disseminating information organization-wide.

Undoubtedly, Salesforce sits central to your value chain. But just how secure is your organization's most valuable asset, its data? Let's delve into this query.

Given its integral role in the operational chain, it's imperative to question: How secure is your organisation's prime asset - its data - within Salesforce? Let's delve into this.

Scrutinising Salesforce's Native Backup Solutions

Upon analysis and as highlighted in Salesforce's best-practice guidelines, their intrinsic backup and recovery services manifest certain limitations:

  • The data backup recovery time objective (RTO) spans between 6 to 8 weeks.
  • The Salesforce Data Recovery Service comes with a hefty price tag: $10,000 for each restore for every organization.
  • Essential Salesforce metadata, including custom fields, layouts, reports, dashboards, and bespoke coding, fall outside the backup's purview.
  • Notably, Salesforce paused its Data Recovery Service in July 2020 due to quality concerns. However, by March 2021, they reintroduced it, responding to customer demands.
  • Salesforce itself advocates for the inclusion of third-party backup solutions in a data protection strategy.

Rapid Restoration in Just Minutes:

Safeguard your Salesforce production data from unintended deletions, human mistakes, and data anomalies. Ensure comprehensive data restoration across both production and sandbox settings in Salesforce. With Keepit, you have the power to swiftly bring back individual, associated, and numerous records from any given moment.

Protect Your Data:

Experience automated daily backups in Keepit's specialised cloud, resistant to ransomware and thus, undeletable. Our blockchain-validated storage and file system offer unmatched security assurance.

Effortless Time-Saving:

Swiftly set up sandbox instances and restore your Salesforce data through a user-friendly interface that demands no extra training. Opt for an intuitive interface equipped with fast search capabilities, file previews, and straightforward restoration choices.

Keepit Cloud Backup Solutions

As a fully certified Keepit solutions partner we can provide the full array of cloud back up solutions outside of Salesforce.

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