LTO Ultrium Tape Roadmap and Capacity Chart

LTO Roadmap and Capacity from generation 5 through to generation 12

LTO Ultrium drives are the technological foundation for enterprise-grade tape libraries. This open standard format supports a wide variety of drive and media options, reducing risks and allowing users to easily accommodate future technology decisions. In addition, LTO drives are also backed by a well-defined roadmap, helping users anticipate needs over time with confidence. LTO Tape drives are ready for the next generation of data. The LTO roadmap provides the goals and objectives for future generations. 

LTO Tape drives are the most reliable and durable drives in the market today, we have them in all categories. The new generation of LTO tapes has increased capacity by up to 20% over previous generations and supports even faster disk-read speeds with LTO-9 media. Your data is secure and can last decades without changes to drive performance. 

Since its release in 2000, the LTO Ultrium technology has undergone multiple generations, and the LTO Ultrium roadmap outlines the aims and plans for the next releases LTO-10, LTO-11, LTO-12 are the eight different varieties of LTO Tapes. Every two to three years, a new version of LTO tape is released, tripling the previous generation's capacity. The most recent edition is LTO 9 as of March 2022.

The LTO Ultrium roadmap and capacity chart enables businesses to consider using LTO tape as part of their backup and archiving strategy. There is a clearly defined path for future LTO technologies to protect investments in the technology.  Since 2000 LTO Ultrium tape has come a long way since the first drive was launched and now with LTO-9 storing 18TB native, it has a bright future.

LTO Roadmap & Capacity Chart

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