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Keepit protects your data by storing it on immutable storage!

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Back up Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Data

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is a suite of cloud services, but an extensive backup of your Office 365 data is not one of them. Keepit® Backup for Microsoft 365 ensures that you never lose access to or control over your Office 365 data. This includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams, keeping your data both secure and readily available.

Complete Data Protection for Microsoft 365

Keepit Backup for Microsoft 365 protects and stores your data in the UK or European data centres that are ISO/IEC 27001 certification plus complementary certifications (e.g., SOC-2, ISAE 3402, PCI/DSS, HIPAA).

Keepit creates two backup copies of your data and stores it in two separate data centre locations. As Keepit is sold as SaaS (Software as a Service) business owners do not need to worry about remote storage locations or cloud management, Keepit takes care of it for you.

81% of Microsoft Office 365 users had to recover data, but only 15% were able to recover 100%!

18% of organisations had suffered from external malicious data deletion

23% of organisations had a service outage/unavailability causing data destruction of corruption


Why Backup Microsoft 365 Office 365?

Many companies wrongly believe that backing up data in Microsoft Office 365 is unnecessary because it's a cloud service with built-in replication. This misunderstanding leaves companies vulnerable to data loss from accidental deletions, cyber threats, and inconsistencies in retention policies. This could also result in legal and regulatory consequences for the business.

Get insights on the risks associated with Microsoft Office 365 data and how to mitigate them by downloading our complimentary white paper, "Understanding Data Protection in Microsoft Office 365: Navigating the Shared Responsibility Landscape."

Microsoft Office 365 Shared Responsibility

Keepit Backup for Microsoft 365 Features

Keepit Backup for Microsoft 365 provides complete back up of Office 365 to secure data centres, quickly and easily restore lost or deleted files from a simple user interface.

Back Up Office 365 Data in Seconds

Backup Exchange Online, SharePoint, Groups & Teams, OneDrive in seconds! Completely secure and available 7x24 even if you lose connectivity to Microsoft 365.

No more Administration Overhead

Keepit is fully automated, no manual management needed. Automatic updates to the newest version with no downtime. Save time and money on staff training by using the best Microsoft 365 backup on the market.

Enhanced Security and RBAC

Keepit supports customised RBAC feature to manage specific permissions and access. Seven types of roles ensures full control of the information saving time and money.

30-day Delete Retention

There is no simple way to immediately delete your data in Keepit: you, or the attacker who has successfully taken over your identity, will have to wait for 30 days for datasets to be deleted or for accounts to be closed.

This deliberate delay is the first line of defence against user error, insider threats, and ransomware attacks that target backups

All Inclusive Pricing

Pricing is based upon active 365 user seats (inactive users data is still retained). With unlimited storage capacity and data retention from 1-99 years makes Keepit provides the most secure and advance backup solution on the market today.

Limitations on Microsoft’s data protection capabilities

Recycle Bins, Litigation Hold, and Versioning all have data protection limitations and gaps that leave you vulnerable to data loss.

Unique, Tamper-Proof Infrastructure

The Keepit infrastructure runs on software that was designed and built from the ground up by our team. This proprietary storage infrastructure allows us to provide fast and reliable backup at a reasonable cost, and supports the data immutability that protects backup datasets—like the backup tapes of yesteryear, our disk-based storage systems do not offer a mechanism for modifying backup data.

This core characteristic means that even in a nightmare scenario—e.g., administrative accounts are compromised, primary data is corrupted or encrypted, attackers gain access to your backups—
there is no way for the system to comply with an attacker’s efforts to tamper with your backup.

Keepit Backup Microsoft Office 365

Simple Functionality

We all know back up is as chore, that's no longer the case with Keepit.

  • Automatically add new users, sites, etc.
  • Deploy in seconds with no complicated training
  • Monitor your backups using the Mobile app
  • Always up to date with the latest version

Rapid Access with Keepit

Speed is paramount. Waiting is not an option. That's why Keepit was crafted to offer real-time online access to everything, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Our search engine empowers you to delve through the vast expanse of time and space, pinpointing that elusive document once misplaced 'somewhere in accounting a few years ago.'

Every dataset, regardless of its age, is immediately accessible down to the tiniest detail—be it individual emails, lone documents, or entire folders based on the primary task. A simple button press unveils previously discarded items right in the folder you're inspecting. Such intuitive search functionalities ensure a smooth retrieval process.

Restoration Simplified

Discover an item through our potent and user-friendly search? You can reincorporate it into the main dataset effortlessly. We've named this feature the Keepit Universal Restore View.

Restore operations can be as complex or straightforward as the data demands. Whether it's comprehensive disaster recovery, data migration between users, or reinstating SharePoint or Salesforce elements with intricate dependencies, Keepit seamlessly grasps and navigates these challenges.

Moreover, if direct restoration isn't needed, Keepit offers the option to share a read-only link to the located data online. Enhancing security, these links can be time-bound and password-guarded. Such a tool becomes invaluable for users, enabling them to swiftly download the right data version and swiftly return to their tasks.

“Incremental Forever” Data Transfer

In the Keepit data model, when a backup executes, we effectively only transfer the differences in your dataset; however, when you view your data in the Keepit platform, all access is instant across time
and space, and every single backup—no matter how old—appears as if it was a standalone full copy of your dataset at the time it was taken.

We have even gone a step further: by designing, completely from scratch, an object storage architecture for this information model, we are able to store backup data very efficiently on simple high-density hard drive-based storage systems, which simplifies our supply chain and lowers both the risk and the price point for our customers.

Compliance & GDPR

Keepit, designed it's backup platform to provide the same level of security for your modern cloud workloads. This was not an afterthought, this was not bolted on, this was a core principle from when we designed our service.

Deletion Impossible

For you as a user, you will notice that - just like a tape in a vault - you cannot alter your backup datasets. You cannot re-write history. You cannot even delete your account without going through a holding period. What this means to you is that an attacker who takes your identity will face the same restrictions. In other words, you are again practically invulnerable to ransomware.

GDPR Article 17

A common question that arises from this is how we comply with GDPR Article 17 (The Right to be Forgotten), now that the backup history cannot be modified.

This is a fair question, especially as (at the time of this writing) there are no court rulings on this yet. It is the position of the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) that a company needs to comply with a valid Article 17 request to delete data on live systems (your primary systems). The ICO accepts that data can typically not be deleted immediately from backup systems, and that such data therefore will reside in the backup set until the end of the backup retention period.

At Keepit, we find this to be a very reasonable interpretation of the legislation as it grants individuals the highest protection possible while still accepting the reality of real world backup systems and the inherent conflict between the necessity of immutable backup and the desire for dataset expiry.

We believe that Keepit is an essential tool in helping you on your path to GDPR compliance. Like with any other legislation, you will need to implement workflows to actually achieve compliance.

Audit Log

We live in a compliance driven world. You need to be able to document retrospectively who did what, and when. In Keepit, the audit log will keep track of exactly this.

The audit log is available both via the user interface and via the API for integrations into third party products such as log analysis tools.

Data Confidentiality and Defense

Protecting your data is multifaceted – shielding it from unauthorised access is of paramount importance. We employ a diverse range of protective protocols to ensure your data's integrity and confidentiality.

Keepit ensures data encryption while in transit via HTTPS, fortified with the latest TLS standards. This occurs when interfacing with primary workload vendor APIs like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, G Suite, among others. The protective measures in place equal, if not surpass, the standards your users employ. Furthermore, to bolster physical security, Keepit often communicates directly with workload providers through major internet exchanges, steering clear from the vulnerabilities of commonplace Wi-Fi hotspots.

Upon arriving at Keepit, data is immediately encrypted before storage. For this crucial step, we use the AES encryption on our storage systems—a universally accepted algorithm trusted by industries and governments alike for its robust security. To further enhance protection, the storage media containing your data is housed within a fortified data centre. Any malfunctioning media are not repaired but promptly destroyed to prevent potential breaches.

Keepit Cloud Backup Solutions

As a fully certified Keepit solutions partner we can provide the full array of cloud back up solutions outside of Microsoft 365.

Keepit Backup Applications