LTO Tape Solutions

LTO Tape Backup Solutions

LTO Tape has been used for many years as a reliable backup media with LTO-8 holding 12TB native. LTO provides a very cost-effective and viable media to backup critical data.  The technology is continually being developed by IBM, HP & Quantum and has a road-map that goes beyond LTO-10.  We provide LTO tape backup solutions including drives, autoloaders and libraries, media, barcode labels and racking.  For any LTO tape requirements pricing or assistance, call one of our team today on +44 (0)1256 782030 and we’ll be happy to offer expert assistance.lto-tape

The latest announcements of LTO-10 holds 120TB at a transfer rate of 2750MB/s for more information on this latest generation of tape click here

  • The newest LTO tape LTO-8
    The newest LTO tape LTO-8
    LTO-8 is the newest LTO tape technology for backup or archiving.
  •  LTO Media at Great Prices
    LTO Media at Great Prices
    We are able to supply all LTO branded media at very competitive prices.
  • LTO LTFS - Linear Tape File System
    LTO LTFS - Linear Tape File System
    Using LTO-5, 6, 7 or 8 you can store data on tape as a data interchange or archive standard.

The LTO Format

As LTO is an Open Tape Format you will not be locked into single source supply for media. The LTO tape format is chaired by three companies IBM, HP & Quantum with many more licensees of the technology, allows them to manufacture media, libraries, drives and auto-loaders. The format has a road-map that goes beyond LTO-8 which was launched Q4/17 and allows 12TB’s native of information to be stored on LTO tape with an impressively high transfer rate of 900MB/s.

Along with Linear Tape Open technology – you need to be able to manage your data effectively, with access and availability a priority. We’ll design an LTO tape solution that may be complex, but isn’t complicated – allowing the people that need it to have quick and simple access to all levels of LTO.


We are here to help

Talk to Fortuna Data today about your need for an LTO tape solution, and consider using LTO as the Green Storage option for that will save money with reduced running costs and faster access to data stored on an LTO storage solution.

As organisations continue to evolve, the data they generate is increasing in size at an exponential rate, and we see LTO requirements doubling roughly every 18 months. As the amount of data stored increases, so the demand for faster access and a need for more streamlined methods of LTO storage. It’s our goal to design and deliver and LTO solution for you that will include the flexibility to grow with demand while encompassing operating systems, LTO media formats and availability of information.

Contact us

If you would like us to quote for the new LTO 8 products then please call us on 01256 782030 or complete our form and we will respond immediately.

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